Stack-Lights and Industrial Lighting

CMH Industries is proud to offer a large variety of Industrial lighting, Andon Stations ,Switches and Traffic lights through our sister company 


Stack Lights and Indicator Lights

Choose from a large variety of Andon, Lights, and signal lights. Many of these lights can be configured to work for your specific application. Most come with built in buzzers. 

Andon Stations - Easy to Install

The SB line of Andon Stations provide a easy way to add a signal light to your facility. These are plug and play and can be configured for you project.

Wireless Andon Stations with Bingo Board

The RC line of Wireless Andon lights is a sophisticated system that uses a mesh network to make it easy to setup an Andon system that can be monitored on a desktop or with overhead bingo boards. 


Industrial Work Lights

The ML and SP3S Lights are ideal for workstations, Inspection applications and CNC equipment. Many of these lights are rated IP65 and can be used in Wash down application. 


Industrial Lighting for Machinery

The MWL and BL9 lights are designed to be used in harsh environments. They are housed in aluminum enclosures and most can be washed down. These are often on automated equipment or in wash down environments. 

Traffic Lights

The TL line of traffic lights can be configured with one to three levels. There are 24V DC and 110V AC versions.  These can be wireless or have preinstalled wired controls. 

Industrial Switches

The SW line of switches can be configured to work for your specific application. There are any  options to choose from. There are versions that are latching, momentary, normally open normally closed and even with built in LED's. 

Custom Control Boxes

There is a large selection of control boxes. Some can be ordered prebuilt, Others can be configured to fit your project.

CMH Industries is committed to being the industry leader for Andon Pull boxes. We encourage you to visit our sister company for your other industrial lighting needs.